Passion for Sports, Education and Dialogue

The Coubertin meets Dunant initiative is unique in the world, combining Olympic values with humanitarian tradition and supporting young people who are enthusiastic about sports without discrimination. It helps young people strengthen their resilience and surpass their own limits.

Coubertin meets Dunant combines the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect with Switzerland's humanitarian tradition. It promotes young people with a passion for sports on Swiss soil at the Talent-Campus Bodensee (Swiss Olympic Sports School) in Kreuzlingen, regardless of their origin, gender, or social status. The programme is unique in the world and supported by national and international organizations and partners.

Like Pierre de Coubertin (1863–1937), the founder of the modern Olympic Games (IOC), we are convinced that sport can help people to surpass themselves and come closer and understand each other peacefully despite differences. Neutrality and humanity are part of our set of values as they are of the Red Cross (ICRC) founded by Henry B. Dunant (1828–1910).

Our work aims to create impact and resonance on both the individual and the societal level. We want young people to find time, space, challenges, and a mindset to surpass themselves. The aim is to strengthen their inner resilience and develop a creative approach to challenging situations. In short: they should trust in success. This means trusting yourself and going beyond your limits.