Our Goals

The non-profit foundation Coubertin meets Dunant is committed to five important areas of activity and pursues a clear purpose. From supporting young competitive sports and educating young people from crisis areas to promoting encounters and cosmopolitanism, the foundation has set itself the goal of initiating social change based on humanism and mutual understanding.

The non-profit foundation Coubertin meets Dunant concentrates its creative power on the following five fields of activity with the respective “purpose”.

Youth Competitive Sport

The foundation supports projects and initiatives that promote young competitive sport as a means of mutual acceptance between people with different cultural, national, or ideological backgrounds. Sport allows young people to develop physical and mental strength while overcoming limitations. In addition, we want to achieve common goals with passion and perseverance and grow together as a team to be successful and make dreams come true.


The foundation provides young athletes from war and crisis zones access to education and a degree as the basis for an independent and self-determined life. The flexibility of time- and site-independent learning offers young people the freedom to invest sufficient time in the training and further development of their passion. This learning autonomy should demand and promote action on their own authority and independence. A personal coach is available to each young person as a confidant to support them in their careers.

Our understanding of education enables young people to question their existing thought and action patterns and to try out unusual solutions. “Acting outside the box” (creativity) means, in terms of personality development, slipping into unfamiliar roles, adopting new perspectives, taking unusual paths, questioning rules and, if necessary, breaking them.


The foundation supports the integration of young, very ambitious, competitive athletes from war and crisis areas. It thus helps to overcome borders, build bridges, and stimulate social change based on the values of humanism, mutual respect and understanding. The foundation wants to enable the young people to fulfil the dream of a sporting career regardless of origin, gender, or social status. Ultimately, this also facilitates integration and may become a door opener. As a guiding star and focus, the dream should help to overcome resistance.


The foundation enables young athletes from war and crisis zones to experience the Talent-Campus Bodensee (Swiss Olympic Sport School) as a place of encounter and dialogue with passionate personalities from sport and education—as a formative experience of their personal development. Getting in touch and connecting with like-minded people increases connectivity, multiplies the interfaces to the environment and strengthens the network.

Global identity and global radiance

The foundation supports young athletes from war and crisis zones in developing their identity, opening their minds and broadening their horizons (cultural and global identity). Young people should see themselves as part of society and take on responsibility. The foundation supports the Talent-Campus Bodensee in attracting young sports talents from all over the world. It thus contributes to an increased attractiveness of this Swiss Olympic Sport School and the Swiss region of Thurgau-Lake Constance for athletes and companies.