The Coubertin meets Dunant Foundation is committed to intercultural dialogue and believes that sport can connect, inspire, and bring peace to people worldwide. Young sports talents should be encouraged to develop their potential to grow into personalities who can actively shape and drive social change.

Where do we want to go?

We want to promote sport and passion as a means of understanding, integration (with exercise and encounters) and education.

Our vision emphasizes intercultural dialogue with the aim of overcoming borders and stimulating societal change based on the values of humanism and mutual respect. We believe in the power of sport to connect, inspire, and bring peace to people worldwide.

Sport has a universal appeal that strengthens mutual acceptance between people with different cultural, national, or political backgrounds. Sport can build bridges and break down ideological barriers previously thought insurmountable.

With our programmes we encourage young sports talents to trust in their passions and potential. We want to support young people in setting their own goals and pursuing them with passion and curiosity, intrinsically motivated. Young people should surpass themselves and mature into personalities who can cope with social change and actively help shape the future (change maker) or even actively advance it (game changer). All this follows our credos: “Dare what you dream of” or “Passion creates personalities”.