United Programme

The United Youth Athlete Programme is committed to international understanding and a message of peace. By sharing a passion for sport, young athletes from opposing nations are brought together to overcome their cultural differences and find a unifying language through sport.

Connecting Nations

The United Youth Athlete Programme sees itself as an important platform for understanding between young, passionate athletes from hostile nations without diplomatic relations.

Bringing these young talents together (as a tandem or as a team) at a Talent-Campus of SBW Haus des Lernens AG enables them to overcome their cultural and social differences and to find a unifying language through sport. We are currently focusing primarily on the sports of volleyball/beach volleyball, handball, soccer, basketball, tennis, athletics, and cycling. We are open to exciting settings from other sports areas and look forward to making appropriate contacts.

Due to the current political tensions, we prefer to include athletes from the following countries in our United Programme:

  • Israel and Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia
  • India and Pakistan
  • South Korea and China
  • China and Taiwan
  • Egypt and Qatar

International understanding and message of peace

The dialogue between the different cultures is made possible and deepened through joint training and collective participation in public competitions, through several weeks to several years of training and further education (including graduation) at a Talent-Campus of SBW Haus des Lernens AG, through living together on campus and in the boarding school, joint excursions and through visits to cultural events. Two- to three-week intensive courses (exercise, encounter, future skills) are offered to start and establish the programme.

The joint focus on a sporting goal should promote understanding and tolerance between the athletes and their home countries.